What is LA KOLE?

LA KOLE ©, a collection of contemporary Cuban art, is the result of the passion and activism of a group of Catalan collectors linked to the world of printing, with more than 24 years of experience in Cuba. The collection, which came into being in 2006, is the result of a process of gradual engagement with the Cuban art world and its artists. The close relationship between collectors and creators, based on common interests and hobbies as well as on a dynamic and creative way of conceiving existence and art, is the cornerstone of a collection that is constantly growing and expanding. Two key criteria govern the commitment of LA KOLE to the authors that make up the collection: the educated taste and the refined sensitivity of a group of collectors who are fully integrated in the island’s art world, and the exceptional talent and solid trajectory of the creators, widely consolidated in Cuba and amply corroborated by their presence on the international market.

Prestigious names like Roberto Fabelo, Los Carpinteros, Yoan Capote, Carlos Garaicoa and The Merger are well represented in a collection that also includes works by Ricardo Brey, Carlos Quintana, Ernesto Rancaño, Mabel Poblet, Glenda León, Adonis Flores, Reynerio Tamayo, René Peña, Jorge Otero, Ernesto Estévez, Santiago Olazábal, Raúl Cordero, Eduardo Roca Choco, Cosme Proenza, Wifredo Lam, René Portocarrero, Julio Girona, Carlos Alfonzo and Raúl Martínez, among others. The strengh and authenticity of their proposals, the extraordinary quality of their works, their overflowing creativity, a unique and easily identifiable style, as well as the use of a wide variety of techniques and forms of expression, characterise the work of creators who form the artistic vanguard in Cuba. LA KOLE thus includes heterogeneous workś works by multidisciplinary artists with different tendencies and perspectives that reflect the unusual diversity of the island’s artistic production. Yet artistic excellence is not the only thing that defines this prestigious group of Cuban creators; their human condition, their empathy, their integrity and their commitment to social values also determine their inclusion in the collection.


This is why they are grouped together in what has come to be known as LA HERMANDAD (the brotherhood), a group of artists that proposes a space for interaction and collaboration. Sharing experiences, trips, insights, artistic criteria and opinions, but also enjoying life and transmitting positive and optimistic values are the fundamental purposes of a community made up of talented, vital and fun people. LA HERMANDAD is an inclusive and dynamic group that defends a broad and inclusive approach to art, welcoming collectors and creators from fields like decoration, furniture and lighting. By joining LA HERMANDAD, creators such as Jaume Tressera, Ricardo Gianello, Román Riera and Davide Groppi, among others, not only support and favour the development of multidisciplinary projects between Cuban artists and foreign creators, but they also represent the integral artistic conception promoted by LA KOLE and LA HERMANDAD, two entities that form an inseparable duo that interacts and feeds on each other, that coexists in harmony and is committed to art as the highest expression of human spirituality. Both, in their turn, seek to pay an emotional and deserved tribute to the figure of the recently deceased Luis Miret, a great visionary and tireless promoter of this batch of artists through his work at Habana Gallery and Subasta Habana.

What does this collection propose?

LA KOLE © aims to become the main gateway to Cuban art in the Mediterranean, as well as one of the ten best private collections of Cuban art in the world. Constantly growing through a rigorous and systematic acquisition policy, it expects to be among the top five private collections of Cuban art internationally by the year 2022, thus reflecting the main trends in the Cuban art scene. LA KOLE aspires to become a space for rapprochement and collaboration that offers artists the necessary means to make themselves known or increase their visibility in the European market, while also establishing itself as a specialist consultant in contemporary Cuban art. To this end, various strategies will be put in place to promote, disseminate and mediate. In addition to the main headquarters of the collection in Barcelona, which can be visited by prior appointment, LA KOLE has drawn up an exhibition strategy based on itinerancy and integration of the arts. Starting by Havana, the collection’s main goals are to travel around the world showing the best and most representative of contemporary art on the island, to design comprehensive exhibition projects that incorporate all artistic and creative manifestations and are characterised by an elegant and exclusive presentation, in addition to establishing close ties of collaboration with collectors, communication agencies, institutions and leaders in the international art market. In its intermediation efforts, LA KOLE will not only favour consultancy work and the promotion of collecting by showing private or institutional collectors the Cuban artistic reality, but it will also ensure the maintenance of fair and honest commercial relations that guarantee the valuation of works of art and investments.

Like any self-respecting art collection, LA KOLE is an open, long-term project, built day by day through passion and commitment to artists and collectors. Surrounding oneself with artistic works is not only a way of exploring one’s own preferences or aspirations, but also defines a general attitude towards the world of aesthetics and culture, without neglecting key issues such as the market or the preservation of cultural heritage. A proposal like LA KOLE emerges and is developed under essential premises: the vocation of patronage and respect and love for art, understood as a key driver of spirituality and knowledge, as well as a pledge of added value for the future. Promoting art collecting also requires a deep knowledge of the history and context of the cultural products that are held, something that the sponsors of LA KOLE have undoubtedly achieved in their more than 20 years of experience on the island. Finally, LA KOLE is an initiative that consolidates the historical relations of fraternity between Catalonia and Cuba, based on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual affection, of which this collection and LA HERMANDAD that supports it are a living example.