Ivan Capote

Pinar del Río, Cuba, 1973

He studied at the Art Vocational School of Pinar del Río and is a graduate of the National Art School (ENA), Havana, Cuba.

Ivan’s work explores linguistic conceptualism with installations, projections and sculptures, where hidden messages are revealed by the viewers’ experience. His minimal forms created with metals, wood or chemicals, interact with light, incorporating the space in many perspectives as the fundamental medium to the optical challenge. Tricking the viewer’s inquisitiveness, the discovery process happens on each and every step around the artworks. Every movement, in time, generates a new image until it is possible to visualize forms and shades materializing a message, a word, that beyond meaning carries information on its materiality, style, typography and occasionally speaks to the work’s title. Ivan inquires into language with strategy, playing with deeper levels of significance.

Capote has exhibited his work in a large number of prestigious events and cultural institutions in Latin America, the United States and Europe. His works are part of several collection all over the word.