Ernesto Estévez

Havana, Cuba, 1967

Photojournalist and photographer for scientific purposes. He is a self-taught painter. His works have been part of many exhibitions that celebrate the landscape genre. Among those we can mention the First Nacional Saloon of Landscape VICTOR MANUEL, in Havana; El paisaje nunca es el mismo, Galería Orígenes, Havana; Nuevos horizontes, Museo Cultural de Artes Gráficas, DF. Mexico and Pintura Latinoamericana de ahora Exhibition, Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Florida. He has been represented at several art fairs such as ARCO, Madrid, Spain; Arte Américas, Miami Beach, Florida and Pinta, New York.

Influenced by his experience and his contact with nature as a photographer, Estevez decided to paint. He is part of a group of landscape artists whose roots can be traced to artists that came to Cuba, particularly those who came during the XIX Century such as Henri Cleenewerck, Esteban Chartrand and Federico Mialhe among others. Estevez takes from these artists their main theme and formals aspect such as palette and compositions. However, he achieves a very personal way or portraying the Cuban landscape though his unique paintings.

He has chosen the landscape as an almost unique setting in his figuration. From him we have seen the wonder transform into rivers, moons, leaves and forests with a high degree of precision and detail. His works present an impressive level of realism. He handles chiaroscuro with great mastery and is able to envelop us with his magic and the elegance of his figuration.