Jorge Otero

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro (2001) and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) of Havana (2008). He received the photography award during the XII International Documentary Festival of Santiago Álvarez in Memoriam in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba (2011), as well as the first prize for the national contest themes and variations organized by the French Alliance of Cuba. In 2015, received the Gilbert Brownstone Foundation Residence, Paris, France.

Otero takes up the peasant poetic with a voice of his own, current, refined. To do this, most of the time takes as a vehicle the codes of body photography. The human body is for him raw material, an essential part of his art. It is the alpha and the omega: the landscape on which he has decided to represent his judgments. The male torso, suspended almost always on an unpolluted white that isolates it from all foreign contamination, hybridizes to the yarey, to its planes and linguistic levels, in order to form a new sign. (From “Jorge Otero. Los atisbos del Yo”, by Rigoberto Otaño)