Carlos Quintana

Havana, Cuba, 1966

Is an autodidact artist and his work resulted in a spontaneous, transgressive and intuitive painting, characterized by its originality and uniqueness. His technique is not conventional. His curious and intense language denotes a creative ability.

Quintana paints over gigantic surfaces and does not hesitate to turn his canvases over to allow the paint to be watered in new directions. Spread the paint with his hands. Dilute the colors with turpentine or with his own saliva and use transparencies and glazes. Although one might think that Quintana’s paintings can only be abstract, the fact is that figurative art emerges from the gestural chaos that characterizes his method.

Carlos Quintana has participated in numerous group exhibitions since 1984. His pieces have been exhibited in countries such as Argentina, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, and Venezuela. His presence has been notable in important events such as the Contemporary Art Fair of Basel (Switzerland), the Latin American Art Fair of Miami, Art Chicago ’96, ARCO (International Contemporary Art Fair). Public and private collections in Cuba, Panama, Mexico, the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco, Canada, Venezuela, and Japan, keep and exhibit their pieces.